More recently, Forex trading was considered the destiny of selected, major players. But times are changing: today almost anyone can try their hand at earning on the difference in currencies, and for this it is not necessary to have impressive capital. So, Forex trading is attractive, affordable and provides an opportunity to earn. So why only

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The cyclical nature of the economy, characteristic of many countries, is reflected in the sequence of economic development. Behind the recession there will inevitably be a rise and vice versa. In conditions of instability and uncertainty, the primary and most urgent task of a financially competent person is to preserve their savings, and perhaps their increase.

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Many people regard accounting and financial reporting as an unfortunate necessity and hire an accountant only in order to comply with formalities and avoid claims of controllers. Accounting policies are developed only because it is necessary, but are not used in work. Accounting, tax and management accounting are scattered, and as a result spend more time

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