Why Companies Need Expert Accounting

Many people regard accounting and financial reporting as an unfortunate necessity and hire an accountant only in order to comply with formalities and avoid claims of controllers. Accounting policies are developed only because it is necessary, but are not used in work. Accounting, tax and management accounting are scattered, and as a result spend more time and money on it. Taxes are considered in fact, not trying to plan and reduce the load. The workflow is spontaneous and disordered.

As a result, the accounting service is clumsy, any changes are horrifying, and the cost of accounting is incommensurably greater than the benefits it brings. This approach deprives the business of the opportunities that can be obtained if you organize a truly effective accounting. 1C-WiseAdvice offers to look at the need for organizing accounting from a different angle, in terms of benefits for the organization itself.

We believe that accounting is needed primarily in order to see the real situation in the company, to receive reliable information in any context, to maintain order in business, to make informed decisions, save money and time. The rules of the road were not invented in order to collect fines, but to protect the participants in the movement. The same thing with accounting – it is needed primarily by business.

In order for accounting to solve business problems, we propose changing the attitude to accounting and creating effective accounting, whose motto is “Accounting for business, not business for accounting”.

We call accounting effective when:

all data for accounting, tax and management accounting is accumulated in a single accounting system, from where at any time you can get data in any context and for any purpose: managers for making decisions, founders for analysis, controllers for audits, accountants for preparing reports and calculating taxes etc.;
the whole routine is automated, and the emphasis is on important accounting processes that affect profit and tax savings;
Internal regulatory documents are worked out and methodologically verified. They do not lie dead weight from check to check, but really help and streamline the work; changing the chief accountant is not a disaster, because accounting is transparent, works like a clock and a new employee will easily join the workflow;
the company is always ready for inspections and there is no need to put things in order in an emergency mode, collect missing documents and clean tails.
In our company, we created just such bookkeeping.

To build this perfectly working mechanism for you, we will analyze your business processes and tax burden, find out how accounting is set up and what problems there are. Then we will prepare the project and implementation plan. If necessary, we will purchase and install software and train employees.

At the implementation stage, you may encounter staff resistance or lack of qualifications, which can negate all efforts. People tend to sabotage change and prefer to work the old fashioned way, even if it harms the company. In such a situation, we are ready to provide our resources for the duration of training or replacement of personnel, and subsequently monitor the work of accounting under the new rules. We can also take outsourcing accounting in whole or in part, and then you don’t have to think about recruiting, training and adapting staff, because we will work and bear responsibility.

Look at the need for accounting as a tool that will help the company earn, grow and develop.

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